Interested in finance or consulting? Our recruitment process takes place over several days. To start, you can come check us out at tabling for more information. This page is subject to change.


Aug 31st, 2–7PM

General Tabling

Sept 11-13th, 11–1PM

Information Session

Sept 13th, 8PM
Cheit 110 (Haas)

Our organization brings together highly qualified and committed students, providing in-house mentorship, professional workshops, and networking events vital to the campus community. We strive to bridge the gap between students and top financial and consulting firms by organizing some of the largest and most successful recruiting and informational events on campus. Our alumni work for top firms in the industry and make sure to keep in touch with members. UFA|UMCG is open to undergraduates from all years and all majors. UFA|UMCG typically has an active membership of 30 to 40 students each semester.

You can learn more about UFA|UMCG at our Fall '17 Infosession on September 13th, at Cheit 110. The dress code is campus-casual.

Members and Alumni of UFA|UMCG have worked at:

– Goldman Sachs
– Morgan Stanley
– JP Morgan
– Bain & Company
– Boston Consulting Group
– Deloitte
– Google
– Facebook
– Apple

We'll start the official process a couple days later. Make sure to come to our infosession!


Sept. 13th
Location TBA

Applications Due

Sept. 16th, Noon


To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcript to [email protected].